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Nerve Control 911, reviewed in the Health Scrutiny here, is a nerve control emergency program designed to enhance rapid nerve healing and heal your body from inside out.

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Nerve Control 911 Review

Tingling, electrifying, scorching and pins & needles are just few of the sensations associated with nerve pain. The worst part is that you may not know what’s causing the discomfort, which may be really upsetting for many people. About 15 to 20 million Americans, according to Matthew Hoffman’s article, have nerve damage.

In response to the enormous demand, pharmaceutical corporations have produced an abundance of medications, but they only temporarily relieve pain and are associated with unpleasant side effects such as rashes, nausea, and vomiting. In many cases, addicts are unaware of the detrimental effects these substances may have on their lives.

Don’t worry if you’ve tried everything to get rid of your nerve pain but are still without success; a recent breakthrough will soon be revealed that will allow you to live pain-free. With Nerve Control 911, you’ll be able to calm your nerves and greatly enhance your quality of life. The information you’ll find in this article will help you understand how this potent compound works and why your hands or legs hurt so bad.

What is Nerve Control 911

Nerve Control 911 is a supplement that contains herbs and plant extracts to alleviate pain in the nervous system.

Among the components are corydalis powder, prickly pears, California poppy seeds, marshmallow root, and other botanicals.

It is manufactured by PhytAge Laboratories, which says that Nerve Control 911 provides a wide range of significant advantages. PhytAge Labs says Nerve Control 911 can enhance your muscles, decrease inflammation, curb sleeplessness, minimize anxiety, lower blood pressure, and other advantages.

Supplements can’t typically promise to decrease blood pressure or reduce inflammation. Inflammation and good blood pressure might be claimed as benefits. The company behind the supplement, PhytAge Labs, is, on the other hand, certain about its efficacy. Take a closer look at how this works.

How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

A tingling feeling is the first sign of nerve pain, but it quickly escalates and can lead to amputation or even death. Unknown to many, nerve injury and healing problems are caused by an enzyme that causes harm to the nervous system. The MMP-13 is the enzyme’s official name.

MMP-13 has been linked to a wide range of neurological conditions, according to a number of studies. PhytAge Labs nerve health support compound in Nerve Control 911 was designed to combat Inflammatory Nerve Poisoning, the fundamental cause of nerve pain, if the enzyme’s activity can be regulated or reduced.

Having too much of the MMP-13 enzyme in your body makes your skin on your legs, foot, and hands more susceptible to damage. It accomplishes this by consuming the collagen that keeps your skin in place. If your nerve endings are injured, the glue-like material that coats your skin isn’t going to accomplish its job of protecting it from the stresses of daily life. What causes the MMP-13, and how can it be prevented?

Air pollution, poor meals, metals in water, and blue light from screens are the most common causes of MMP-13 activation. Fortunately, the discomfort can be controlled, and it will go. Nerve Control 911 is the only tool that can accomplish this, and you’ll see substantial changes in your body within days of using it. The tingling and numbing sensations in your legs, foot, and hands will be alleviated by the mixture. In addition, it will obstruct the following 7 pain pathways

What are the Ingredients insides Nerve Control 911

PhytAge Laboratories adds the following substances in Nerve Control 911 to achieve all of these effects:

  • Corydalis powder (corydalis yanhuosuo) at 100 mg dose
  • Prickly pear extract (opuntia phaeacantha) at 50 mg dose
  • California poppy seed (eschscholzia californica) at 45 mg dose
  • Marshmallow root (althea officinalis) at 110 mg dose
  • Passion Flower Herb Powder (passiflora incarnate) at 145 mg dose

Let’s take a closer look at the Nerve Control 911 components, because no natural nerve calming product can ever be successful without powerful extracts.


Corydalis powder (corydalis yanhuosuo)

The most prevalent application of corydalis powder is to treat pain, notably in traditional Chinese medicine. It improves blood flow, which is particularly beneficial to nerve signal activation. It can help the body recuperate from acute nerve injury and lessen tremors. It is often used to gently sedate users in order to reduce their blood pressure. In actuality, corydalis is a potent component with several health advantages, since it includes chemicals that are both sympathetic (help with pain) and antipsychotic (assist with mental illness) (helps to avoid side effects). Corydalis powder can be brewed into a tea and drank for general pain relief and fibromyalgia severity reduction. The blooming plant Corydalis is native to western Asia. Indian cress, fairy candle, and helmet flower are some of the other names for it.

Prickly pear extract (opuntia phaeacantha)

Prickly pear extract helps users lower their blood sugar levels, which lowers their chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Because diabetes is frequently connected to neuropathy, all attempts to reduce the risk are beneficial to the central nervous system. Prickly pear extract has been shown to decrease inflammation in several studies. Prickly pear extract, often called cactus fruit extract, has been utilized in alternative medicine and spiritual ceremonies for ages. The juice of the prickly pear cactus has long been used to treat skin problems including acne and eczema. Prickly pear extract has also been demonstrated to aid with the look of wrinkles and age spots on the skin in recent research. Prickly pear extract may also aid in the formation of collagen. It’s worth noting that these effects are most likely due to the fruit’s high vitamin E content, which has been shown to help reduce indications of aging and promote healthy skin cell development in the dermal layer of your skin.

California poppy seed (eschscholzia californica)

California poppy seed is most commonly used to treat sleeplessness, but it also has a significant effect on pains and diseases of the liver and bladder. It’s very beneficial for people who wish to unwind. California poppy seed is one of the most often used culinary herbs that is underappreciated. This herb is used to give foods a subtle earthy taste and tang, but it also has several health advantages not seen in other herb species. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory qualities and can be used as a pain reliever. California poppy seed, on the other hand, can help you avoid an upset stomach!

Marshmallow root (althea officinalis)

The root of the marshmallow plant is used to treat a range of diseases, including coughs and colds. It soothes irritated skin and aids in the healing of abrasions and other wounds. It can also aid with pain relief and digestion in some circumstances. Marshmallow root’s advantages are similar to those of other adaptogens for which there is some evidence. There have been no research done exclusively on Marshmallow root. It has been used as a diuretic, demulcent (soothing agent), and laxative in the past. It’s also been said to help with nausea, fever, and inflammation, as well as acting as a moderate sedative or sleep aid (similar to valerian). Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help with inflammatory disorders like arthritis.

Passion Flower Herb Powder (passiflora incarnate)

Anxiety, sadness, and restlessness are treated with passion flower herb powder. It can also be used as a natural muscle relaxant and sleep aid. To give you an idea of how effective it is, it is also known to help calm you down before surgery and throughout recovery from surgery. This supplement is also used to treat premenstrual syndrome, persistent headaches, high blood pressure, and excessive sweating, to mention a few problems.


  • Nerve Control 911 Increase the strength of the body’s muscles
  • Exercise command over voluntary motions and reflexes
  • The central nervous system communicates with the rest of your body and receives information from taking Nerve Control 911.
  • Transmit nerve messages to the organs and muscles of the body.
  • Assistance with visual perception
  • Inflammation should be reduced by Nerve Control 911.
  • Reduce the incidence of insomnia
  • Anxiety and blood pressure are reduced.


  • Only available in Online


Nerve Control 911 consumers can obtain the help they need to keep better control over their central nervous system thanks to PhytAge Laboratories’ product, which is available at Only a few substances are used in the formula, but they all have a significant impact on the health of the consumer. It doesn’t require a prescription and is as safe as a multivitamin.

It’s impossible to predict how effective a supplement will be for you. We can, however, testify to the scientific support for Nerve Control 911’s main elements. Some data suggests that taking this supplement on a regular basis can help some people feel better and reduce nerve pain. We always recommend checking with your doctor before starting any form of alternative medication if you are currently taking meds to treat your nerve damage.

This supplement’s contents are all natural, and many of them have been used for years as an alternative to relieve nerve pain and inflammation. The Nerve Control 911 website’s generous free delivery and money-back guarantee help to sweeten the deal even more for prospective new consumers. Nerve Control 911 could be a good place to start if you’re interested in attempting alternative medicine to help with your nerve damage and pain.

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